Massive Alligator Found At Florida Shopping Mall

A massive 12-foot-Iong Alligator was captured as Florida police found it on the property of a mall during the busy shopping season that precedes Christmas. The Lee County Sheriff’s office was quick to dispatch resources to get the situation handIed, corralling and moving the behemoth gator to a location that’s safer for both the animal and the hoard of Christmas shoppers.

A quick video shared to Facebook by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office shows a crew of aImost ten people hoisting the alligator into the back of a truck with sights set on removing it from its new human environment. The alligator was 12 feet in length and a terrifying 600 pounds.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Just moments ago, Sergeant Toslluku, Deputy Cevertus, and Deputy Roedding were called to a 12 foot, SIX HUNDRED POUND gator at Coconut Point Mall ! (yes, you read that right). Our friends with MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife responded to the scene and in a joint effort, got this massive guy to safety!”

Continuing with a joke, the hilariously funny account of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office gave its readers an interesting pitch to join the department. They wrote, There truly is never a dull moment while on patrol here in Lee County, eh? If you’re chompin’ at the bit to get into law enforcement, we promise excitement and a great workout here at #TeamLCSO.

The American Alligator is a species of reptile that often does not come in contact with humans, but when the two cross paths, it can spell disaster. The massive teeth and powerful tail of the gator make it a serious contender for one of the toughest animaIs in America, and that made getting this big fella away from the mall a top priority.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the American Alligator is a threatened species. The sometimes massive animal is only found in the United States of America, with the potential to grow to well over 12 feet and even exceed 1,000 pounds in weight. Seeing male crocodiles the size of this mall intruder is not out of the ordinary if one is taking a nature trip through the swamps of the Florida Everglades.

While the animal was once endangered, the American Alligator has recovered since becoming a federally protected species and has rebounded to the lowest classification of concern.

The NWF says that the only large concern remaining for the species is habitat loss as humans move deeper and deeper in the wild parts of the U.S.’s coastal territory in the East.

These armored beasts are some of the most popular and impressive wildlife to spot in the southern part of the Eastern United States, but when they begin to leave their natural habitat and encroach on spaces occupied by humans, law enforcement folks like the ones over at Lee County Sheriff’s Office are ready and able to jump to the rescue and deescalate the situation. Disaster was avoided thanks to the brave men and women of that department, and their community is surely grateful for the job well done.