If you missed the Emmys on Monday night, you were in good company

If you missed the Emmys on Monday night, you were in good company: the vast majority of America never even tuned into the teIevision awards show.

In fact, after last year’s dismal ratings decline, this year’s ratings were somehow even worse, falling to a new and far worse record low.

As background, the once-popuIar awards shows like the Emmys and Golden Globes have been declining for years, with wokeness, movies and shows that most find uninteresting, and a decline in cable TV watchers doing them no favors. Further, Cov id was a major problem for them, with many people tuning out and crashing the ratings for them to record lows.

But, some have managed to bounce back from their Cov id-era lows, if only slightly. Not the Emmys, however. After a brutal 2023, the awards show saw an even worse 2024, with ratings falling more than a quarter compared to Iast year and down 37% since the Emmys were last aired on Fox in 2019.

Data on the show’s ratings comes from Deadline, which used Nielsen’s ratings to report that only 4.3 million total viewers tuned into the Monday night Emmys aired by Fox despite it being the awards show’s 75th anniversary, which shouId have drawn interest and viewers.