Iconic Amityville ‘House’ Returns to the Market with Reduced Asking Price of $955k, Down from $1.35m

Iconic Amityville ‘House’ Returns to the Market with Reduced Asking Price of $955k, Down from $1.35m

Iconic ‘Amityville’ House Returns to Market with Reduced Asking Price of $955k, as Owners Cite Divorce, Not Hauntings

The legendary ‘Amityville’ house, renowned for its chilling presence in the world of scary movies, has been listed for sale again with a lowered asking price of $955,000. The owners, Odalys and Jose Fragoso, emphasize that the reason behind the reduced price is their impending divorce, not supernatural occurrences.

This colonial-style, 10-room residence gained notoriety after serving as the exterior location for the 1979 film. Initially listed last year for $1.45 million, the asking price was later adjusted to $1.35 million. Built in the 1920s, this New Jersey home has returned to the market just in time for Halloween, despite the price drop, and the owners assert that it is not haunted.

Odalys Fragoso explained to CNN, “My husband and I are getting a divorce… It’s not that the house is haunted or anything. We had wonderful times in that house. I never felt anything, nothing whatsoever. I was just happy that we were buying the house because we saw the potential of it. It’s not haunted, not at all.”

The Fragosos initially planned to sell the house last year to relocate closer to their in-laws. Donna Walesiewicz, the real estate agent handling the sale of the 3,370-square-foot property, believes the reduced asking price presents a great opportunity. “If there were a curse on it, I wouldn’t be in it,” she quipped. “It is what it is, a nice old stately home.”

The ‘Amityville Horror’ gained infamy in December 1975 when George and Kathy Lutz, along with Kathy’s three children, moved into the Dutch Colonial style house. Their reported experiences of paranormal phenomena during their 28-day stay formed the basis for the book and subsequent films.

Despite rumors of supernatural forces influencing the price reduction, Walesiewicz dismissed such claims, citing the current state of the housing market. “The housing market has dropped tremendously. That’s why people are coming down and buying homes in cash… They aren’t making money in other investments. They are putting it in real estate.”

In 1981, the house was physically moved to its current location on Brooks Road. The original site was replaced with a new home, while a boat house constructed for the film remained as part of the new property.

Mrs. Fragoso admitted that she had not even watched the entire ‘Amityville Horror’ movie, but her 24 and 26-year-old children are well acquainted with it, constantly revisiting its terrifying tale.