Here Is Why American Automaker Announces Another Round Of Layoffs, Cutting 1000

The United Auto Workers recentIy secured a record contract for American automakers. Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, the parent company of Chrysler, came to terms with the UAW to end the six-week strike and get production lines back up and running at their domestic facilities.

The UAW secured record gains for employees despite the resistance from the Automakers.

While the new contract ensures job security for thousands of employees, it still can’t stop the inevitable end of production of certain vehicIes and the layoffs sure to follow.

In fact, some of those layoffs were just announced by General Motors. The company is ending the model run of two long-standing passenger cars and cutting 1300 workers along with it.

The layoffs, which affect workers in Michigan, were expected and will begin starting early in 2024. The models being discontinued are the eIectric Chevrolet Bolt and the legendary Chevy Camaro. The Bolt, built in the Orion plant, is ending its model run and taking 945 jobs with it.

Production is scheduled to end in mid-December, with the layoffs taking effect January 1. The facility is being retooled to build an electric truck and is scheduIed to come back online in 2025.

The remaining workers will be laid off from the General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly/Stamping facility. The plant stamped the steel for the Camaro and will continue operations, stamping Caddilac Sedan models.

PreviousIy the company announced that there would be layoffs at the facility, but did not disclose how many until now. The layoffs at Grand River will begin in January and last through March.