Every time we head out for a meal, my boyfriend magically seems to leave his credit card at home, leaving me in a frustrating situation… – check out the full story!

The woman sought validation on Reddit regarding her reaction to a recurring situation with her boyfriend. She expressed concern about her actions, especially as they occurred in front of her boyfriend’s children, whom he accused her of neglecting.

According to her post, the woman’s boyfriend frequently “forgot” his wallet when dining out with his children, leaving her to foot the bill each time. Initially, she didn’t mind, but the financial strain became apparent after several instances, leaving her financially drained.

One evening, after receiving payment from her second part-time job, they went out for dinner with his children again. Aware of his tendency to forget his wallet, she reminded him via text, only to be laughed off. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the boyfriend’s children ordered expensive items, exacerbating the situation.

When she inquired about his wallet, he realized he had left it behind. Frustrated, she decided to leave the restaurant, unwilling to pay for his oversight yet again. Despite protests from her boyfriend, she stood her ground and left.

Later, her boyfriend accused her of selfishness, highlighting her lack of sympathy for him and his children. She defended her stance, asserting that she shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden each time they dined out, especially given his forgetfulness.