Despite her father’s immense success in the music industry, she finds herself homeless on the streets.

Dr. Dre, the renowned music producer and rapper behind Beats by Dre headphones, boasts an impressive fortune estimated at nearly $800 million. Despite his wealth, his eldest daughter, 38-year-old LaTanya Young, recently revealed her dire financial situation in an interview with Daily Mail. Living out of her rented SUV, LaTanya has been pleading with her father for assistance, but she claims to have received no support from him in the past eighteen months.

LaTanya, a mother of four, works multiple jobs including food delivery for Uber Eats and DoorDash, as well as a night shift at a Los Angeles warehouse. Despite her efforts, she struggles to make ends meet, and her father seems unresponsive to her requests for help.

Dr. Dre, whose legal name is Andre Romelle Young, has been ordered to pay $300,000 per month in spousal support to his ex-wife, but LaTanya says she hasn’t seen any financial assistance from him. Despite naming her first son after him, LaTanya hasn’t had contact with her father for eighteen years and relies on his team to communicate with him.

Facing the possibility of losing her rental car, which serves as her temporary shelter, LaTanya finds herself drowning in debt and struggling to provide for her family. Despite her challenges, she remains determined to keep her head above water and support her children, who are currently staying with friends to avoid living in the car with her.