Country music legend Reba McEntire is set to grace Super BowI LVIII, she gives huge personal news

Country music legend Reba McEntire is set to grace Super BowI LVIII with her rendition of the National Anthem. McEntire joined CBS hosts Gayle King and Nate Burleson on Thursday where she opened up about her feelings and preparations for the prestigious event.

I got the news from my manager, Justin McIntosh. He said that they wanted me to sing the nationaI anthem at the Super Bowl.

And I said, oh, my gosh, well, let me think about that, McEntire recounted. Her boyfriend Rexland, a fervent football fan was quick to respond, Yes, she’ll do it.

Joining McEntire in the Super Bowl Iineup will be Post Malone, performing “America the Beautiful,” and Andra Day, who will sing Lift Every Voice and Sing. McEntire, a renowned country music artist, has been involved in various performances in sports events. She has been singing the National Anthem since 1974.

McEntire shared her approach to preparing for such a significant performance. ‘You just warm up like you do a concert and sing it about five or six times and get in there and do it.’ A nostaIgic moment came in the interview when McEntire was shown a commerciaI from the mid-90s. She advised her younger self, Hang in there, don’t take things so seriousiy and have fun.