Check Out The Video And Photos Of This Custom Lifted Chevy K10 Build

We’ve seen more and more custom vintage trucks appear online and at custom car events like the SEMA Show in recent years, and with interest in all classic cars now seemingly on the rise, we imagine this is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

This green Chevy K10 that was recently completed by Tre5 Customs in Arizona is a great example of a customized vintage truck that would be right at home at an event like the SEMA Show thanks to its head-turning green paint and large chrome alloy wheels.

Tre5 Customs described this Chevy K10 as a ’67-72’ as it features a chassis various body panels from a variety of different Chevy K10 models. The cab is believed to be from a 1970 truck, while the front end is lifted from a 1967 model.

The paint is described as being inspired by the factory OEM mint green color that was once offered on the Chevy K10, but with a modern-looking metallic shine.