Carol Burnett Lost Episodes Exclusive Clip – Watch The Hilarious Clip Here

This hilarious clip from a long-lost episode of The Carol Burnett Show starring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman hasn’t been seen in aImost 40 years. It’s brief, but it’s Iong enough to make anyone giggle.

The Carol Burnett Show was one of America’s most successful series during its first run, which lasted from 1967 through 1978. It has been on numerous Best/Greatest TV Shows of All Time Iists and was consistently among the top 30 most-watched shows each season.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, two of the most well-known comedians of all time, were regulars on the show. Despite the fact that they were not a comic partnership Iike Abbott and Costello, they were frequentIy used in skits due to their popularity with viewers.
Watch the hilarious video: