Bud Light Brings In Big NFL Stars To Beg Consumers To Come Back – Watch Video

NFL Legends Peyton Manning and Emmet Smith have teamed up with Bud Light for the company’s most recent attempt at undoing the dam age that it sustained during the aftermath of the Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

The former Dallas Cowboys and IndianapoIis Colts came together to attempt to bring Bud Light back from the proverbial grave following boycotts and downright disgust from many of its former fans.

The commercial, called “Easy Rounds – Easy to Drink Easy to Enjoy,” has received only 8 thousand views on YouTube but many more from its spot on television. Manning and Smith now join other massive sports figures like the UItimate Fighting Championship’s Dana White as spokespersons for the brand that once ruled the domestic beer scene.

Now, with Bud Light fighting to claw back the market share that it lost to other brands, especially Modelo Especial, famous athletes are being used to draw the American public out of its boycott. The commercial itself is pretty cool, with Manning throwing pass after pass to deliver a round of beers to a bar. Ultimately, Smith joins in the game, throwing cans left and right to thirsty patrons.

Smith talked to Fox News Business about the experience filming the commercial, noting that the process was fun and that the energy in the bar was incredibly positive for the duration of the commercial. He said, We have a good time in the bar and having great fun and great laughs and enjoying that fan experience.

Bud Light has also partnered with the NFL to give lucky fans a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl this year through purchasing products. Smith, who seems to be an advocate of the brand, had this to say about that contest and what it may mean for the winners. “That overall experience is coming together from the commercial to really in the hands of fans when they scan the Bud Lights to enter to have an opportunity to win the tickets.

Smith, doing his best to explain why Bud Light should once again be accepted by NFL fans, compared the beer’s image to that of a football team, winning some years but going through stints of losing and pointless seasons. This attempt is one that actually may resonate with fans of the NFL, especially the Dallas Cowboys, but only time will tell.