Betrayed by Spouse, Indebted Woman Hits Jackpot in Lottery.

Betrayed by Spouse, Indebted Woman Hits Jackpot in Lottery.

This adage perfectly captures the story of an unnamed Colombian woman. The catalyst? Her husband’s betrayal, leaving her for her closest friend.

The tale began a year ago when the woman, who works as a seamstress, discovered her husband’s affair. He brazenly chose to abandon their marriage for his new relationship.

Adding to her woes, the unfaithful husband showed no concern for the mortgage on their family home. Faced with this dire situation, the woman used up her savings to settle the debt.

During this difficult period, she also struggled to pay her daughter’s tuition fees, putting their home on the brink of foreclosure. However, fate had a surprise in store for her.

Karma played its hand.

On the 17th of January last year, exactly one year after her ex-husband left her, she decided to buy a lottery ticket. Fortune favored her, as her chosen numbers matched the winning combination in not one but two separate draws, awarding her a whopping $360,000. This became one of the biggest lottery prizes ever won in Colombia.

As reported by The Sun tabloid, the ex-husband was surprisingly the first person to congratulate the lucky winner upon hearing the news.