Ann-Margret Nursed Husband with Limited Mobility – Her 13-Year Struggle to Conceive Despite His Role in Granting Motherhood

Ann-Margret Nursed Husband with Limited Mobility – Her 13-Year Struggle to Conceive Despite His Role in Granting Motherhood

Actress and vocalist Ann-Margret and her deceased spouse Roger Smith displayed unwavering devotion throughout their 50-year marriage.

The couple exchanged vows in 1967 and remained in blissful union until Smith’s passing on June 4, 2017, after a prolonged battle with myasthenia gravis.

Before marrying Smith, Ann-Margret had a romantic involvement with Elvis Presley, her co-star in “Viva Las Vegas.” Despite moving on with Smith, she maintained a deep friendship with the singer until Presley’s demise.

Ann-Margret cherished this friendship so much that, even after resuming her career following her husband’s passing, she chose to exclude songs famously associated with Presley from her album. She explained her decision, stating, “Everyone knows how I felt about him and the friendship that we had all these years. It was very, very private.”

Upon marrying, Ann-Margret and Smith became inseparable. She candidly revealed, “I knew I was going to marry him on the third date.”

They could not bear being apart on distant film sets, leading Smith to become her manager, ensuring they remained together. As Ann-Margret expressed, “Now, in Roger, I’ve found all the men I need rolled into one — a father, a friend, a lover, a manager, a businessman. It’s perfect for me. I couldn’t exist without a strong man.”

Smith’s managerial prowess helped Ann-Margret break free from the cartoonish image critics had of her, enabling her to secure challenging roles in “Carnal Knowledge” and “Tommy,” earning her critical acclaim and recognition from award shows.

Throughout their marriage, the couple encountered typical challenges, but their unwavering bond remained intact.

They were fortunate to share a long life together, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary shortly before Smith’s passing. Achieving this milestone was Smith’s fervent wish, and he was overjoyed when it came to fruition.

When Smith was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and Parkinson’s disease, Ann-Margret put her career on hold to care for him, reciprocating the support he had given her throughout their years together.

Following Smith’s death, Ann-Margret continued to hold her husband close to her heart. A close friend disclosed that, to her, a great love story doesn’t end with death; rather, their spirit lives on in your heart.

Amidst her grief, Ann-Margret tried to focus on her career and passions while still cherishing the life they had together.

Her 13-Year Struggle to Conceive
Ann-Margret endured a 13-year journey to conceive, trying various methods, including a fertility pump and an experimental hormone-injecting device.

Although Smith had children from a previous relationship, Ann-Margret desired to have her own biological children. She ultimately embraced her role as a stepmother to Smith’s kids, describing it as her favorite of all the roles she had ever played.

While she tried to remain positive and prayed for acceptance and wisdom, she eventually decided to relinquish the pursuit of hormone-induced conception and find fulfillment in her blended family.

Despite Smith’s absence, Ann-Margret carries their love and memories with her as she moves forward in her career, still residing in the Los Angeles home they shared.