A waiter attended to a group of teenagers who left him with a meager $3.28 tip. What unfolded afterward will leave you astonished!

A group of teenagers had their first dining experience without adults but struggled with tipping etiquette. They left a disappointing tip, but returned days later with a heartfelt apology.

In Los Angeles, a waiter named Seminole shared a touching story about serving four 13-year-old girls who left a small tip despite expressing gratitude for his service. Feeling disappointed, Seminole vented his frustrations online.

To his surprise, the girls returned with a handwritten apology and additional money for the tip. They admitted misunderstanding tipping etiquette and expressed remorse for their oversight.

Seminole was deeply touched by their sincerity and praised the girls for their effort to make amends. He appreciated their gesture and wished them well.

This heartwarming story highlights the importance of kindness and learning from mistakes, even at a young age. Despite the bill totaling nearly $100, the girls included the correct 18% tip plus extra to show their appreciation, surpassing the customary tip.