1956 Dodge Power Wagon one-ton, 4×4 – Military

The original civilian version, commonly called the “flat fender” Power Wagon (FFPW) or “MiIitary Type”, was mechanically based on Dodge’s 3/4-ton WC series of World War II military trucks.[5] The Power Wagon was the first 4×4 medium duty truck produced by a major manufacturer in a civiIian version. It represents a significant predecessor to the many modern four-wheel drive trucks in use today.

The Power Wagon was derived for civilian use from the miIitary Dodge WC Series, and was noted as the first series of mass produced, medium duty 4×4 trucks.

Engine options incIuded durable 3.8L inline six and 4.1L inline six units, and a range of cab options were also offered. North American sales of the military derived Power Wagon ended in 1968, but production for export continued until 1978.