1941 Dodge WC Power Wagon Restomod

The Dodge toiIet trucks from 1940 to 1945 are popular all over the world, but for the modern driving. They are unsuitable. But this heavily modified, 1941 Dodge WC Power Wagon called Restomod, brings it to 75 miIes per hour (approx. 120 km / h) and has enough space for four people.

The Power Wagon is a mid size all-wheel drive pickup truck manufactured by Dodge from 1945 to 1980. The name was even revived for the 2005 model year as the all-wheel drive version of the Dodge Ram 2500. In our opinion, however, the reinterpretation had nothing to do with the past. The Power Wagon is considered to be the predecessor of most modern all-wheel drive pickups and it was still marketed worldwide under the names “Fargo” and “De Soto”.

The engine. It is a special Cummins 5,9-liter straight-six with 12 valves, the one Hamilton Street camshaft, reinforced vaIve springs, SAC injectors and one 62 mm turbocharger has.

1941 Dodge WC Power Wagon Restomod with Cummins!

One built in for cooling eIectric fan and a special one Aluminum heat exchanger. The specially made exhaust flows into you acoustically clearly audible 4 inch stainless steel damper. Incidentally, the engine gets fuel from one P7100 fuel pump from Bosch. The gear box, one Dodge A518 / 46RE four-speed automatic with overdrive function, was with a Kevlar coupling and two High performance gear coolers combined.