1941 Dodge WC-12 is a 1/2-ton truck

The truck is finished in oIive drab green over brown vinyl upholstery, and power comes from a 230ci flathead inline-six linked with a four-speed manuaI transmission and single-speed transfer case.

The refurbishment reportedly took place over a period of two decades and incIuded performing rust repair on the doors, repainting the body, replacing the engine, over hauling the transmission and transfer case, converting the electrical system to 12 volts, and refreshing the interior.

Features include a brush guard, 16″ steel wheels, Iocking front hubs, side steps, a diamond-plate aluminum bed floor, bed rails, and a rear pintle hitch.

Dodge manufactured approximately 77,000 four-wheeI drive WC-series trucks in more than 30 model variants, all of which featured military-specific bodywork. This example is a closed-cab pickup that was refinished in olive drab with military-style graphics.