1/2 Ton 1940 Ford Truck

Style: Model 01A Ford Deluxe
Manufacture: Ford Motor Company
Year Built: 1940
Engine: 221 cubic-inch flat-head V8
Bore & Stroke: 3.1 inch bore and 3.75 inch stroke with 6.15-to-1 compression ratio
Horesepower: 85

Both the US Army and the US Navy utilized the 1940 Ford Sedan Deluxe version although this particular model was more preveIant with the US Army.

Ford offered just two engines for this particular automobile lineup. A 136 cubic-inch in-line six-cylinder had a 2.6-inch bore and 3.2-inch stroke. The compre ssion ratio was 6.6-to-1 developing 60 horsepower and 94 foot-pounds of torque.

The more popular engine was the 221 cubic-inch flat-head V-8. The V-8 had a 3.1-inch bore and 3.75-inch stroke and a 6.15-to-1 compression ratio. It generated 85 horsepower and 157 foot-pounds of torque.

Fortunately, our vehicle has the more popuIar flat-head 8 cylinder.

Ford History
The Ford line of cars was updated in 1937 with one major change — the introduction of an entry-level 136 CID (2.2 L) V8 in addition to the popular 221 CID (3.6 L) flathead V8. The modeI was a refresh of its predecessor, the Model 48 (itself based on the Model 40A), and was the company’s main product. It was redesigned more thoroughly in 1941. At the start of production, it cost $850. The Ford Line bore several model numbers during this period: For domestic 1937 production in the United States Ford Model Numbers for 85 hp V-8 equipped cars was Model 78 and 60 hp V-8 cars was Model 74. Models 81A and 82A in 1938, and Models 91A and 92A in 1939.