Watters Exposes Fani Willis Lover

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters used a cIever combination of pointed details and hilarious humor to take Fulton County DA Fani Willis to task over the allegations surrounding her and her alleged lover, Nathan Wade, who is one of three special prose cutors she hired to work on the case against Trump and more than a dozen of his associates.

As background, former Trump Campaign official Michael Roman unveiled the allegations about Willis and Wade in a court filing.

It soon took the conservative media complex by storm and, digging into the allegations and court documents, the Daily Caller reported that it appeared DA Willis had paid Wade, a former trial attorney and judge, more than the ieading expert in Georgia on RICO cases.

So, speaking on that, Watters unloaded on Willis for her apparent misdeeds in how she paid Wade. Beginning, he noted that Willis appears to have paid him for full 24-hour days, saying, Fanny Willis’s Loverboy Nathan Wade might be the hardest working Iawyer in America. Nathan allegedly billed taxpayers for 24 hours of work on the Trump Georgia case in a single day.

Then, turning to comedy to joke about that, Watters noted their reIationship and said, That means Nathan was working all day and all night on Fanny’s case. What would Loverboy be working on past midnight? He wouldn’t be billing Fanny. No, he couldn’t be.”

Continuing, he said, “I’m sure he’s just burning the midnight oil at the office Loverboy is billed nearly 700 grand, is he making more than the Iawyers who aren’t sleeping with Fannie? Is he making more because he’s more qualified than they are? Or is the lover just working harder?”