WATCH: Trucker Convoy In Texas Border Town And Ted Nugent Performs EPIC National Anthem For Trucker Convoy

Truckers and other motorists with the “Take Our Border Back” convoy protest have started to fiIter into Texas ahead of a planned rally in Eagle Pass on Saturday. Additional rallies are planned for major border entry points in San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona.

Protesters have come from as far away as Jacksonville, Florida and Virginia Beach in order to raise awareness about the ongoing border crisis that has Ied to record numbers of illegal aliens flowing into the country. The event is geared towards educating the public on the crisis and pressuring lawmakers to take action, with some protesters coming from as far away as Canada, according to event organizers.

No one expects Ted Nugent to ever have a kind word for a Democrat, especially President Joe Biden, but the rock legend went scorched earth against the incumbent while speaking to participants at the trucker convoy in support of Texas’s immigration battle.

Video of Nugent, obtained by Freedom News, shows the “Cat Scratch Fever” guitarist solemnly taking his hat off as he apologizes to Texans overwheImed by the record-breaking number of migrants crossing the southern border as the result of the White House’s policies.