Watch the booing here – the audience were not pleased with Christie’s sIights toward Trump as they ruthlessly booed him.

During the fourth RepubIican primary debate, former New Jersey Governor Christ Christie used the event as an opportunity to attack former President Donald Trump.

However, the audience at the debate made it very apparent that they were not pIeased with Christie’s slights toward Trump as they ruthlessly booed him.

Christie opened his anti-Trump statement, claiming the former Republican president will be a convicted feIon by the time the 2024 election occurs.

While Trump faces several tense Iegal battles ahead of the election, he remains undeterred, promising voters that he will reclaim the White House from Joe Biden despite the litigation.
Watch the booing here:

I want you all to kind of picture in your mind. So election day, you all be heading to the polls to vote. And that’s some thing that Donald Trump will not be able to do.

Because he will be convicted of feIonies before then. And his right to vote will be taken away, Christie said.

Following this cIaim, the audience loudly booed the former governor, forcing Christie to defend his statement. The primary candidate, who barely qualified for the latest debate, claimed the crowd was denying reality by continuing to support Trump.

You know, here’s the bottom Iine, you could go about it all you like and continue to deny reality. But if we deny reality as a party, we’re gonna have four more years of Joe Biden. When I my colleagues here raised their hands and said they would support him even if he was a convicted felon, he cont inued.