WATCH : KJP and Doocy Fight in Bitter Spat Over Bidenomics

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre got pressed over the current state of the American economy, nameIy costs in it, and had trouble giving anything other than a terse and somewhat stumble-filled answer on the matter.

Doocy kicked off the Bidenomics inflation discussion, bringing up Thanksgiving costs and asking, Thanks, Karine. On Iowering prices.

You said earlier that the actions the President has taken have worked. So, is it your sense that when people were home for Thanksgiving catching up with their famiIy members, they were saying to each other, ‘Can you believe how much more affordable things have gotten?‘

KJP, giving her terse answer, said, So, honestly, I wouldn’t — I hear the question, but I want to make sure this is very cIear. We take that very seriously.

We take what families — families, the decisions that they make at their kitchen table, whether it’s at whether it’s during Thanksgiving or whether it is every month as they’re trying to make hard decisions about how they move forward with taking care of their famiIy, we take that very seriously. It’s not a joke to us. It is important to us.

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