WATCH – Jill Biden : What they’re subjecting Hunter to is severe and ungallant

Jill Biden, America’s First Lady, while in conversation on the renowned news network MSNBC, expressed her sentiments on the harsh criti cism her son, Hunter Biden, is facing in the House of Representatives, citing her disagreement with the manner of the probes.

What they’re subjecting Hunter to is severe and ungallant, she stated with evident soiicitude.

She championed Hunter’s resilience after dealing with a personal battle with substance abu se, affirming her pride in the strength he has shown during his recovery.

Hunter’s journey to rebuild his life from the ruins of addiction is something I deepIy admire and makes me feel proud. As a mother, it pains me to see my son under such scrutiny, a sentiment shared by his children, my grandchildren, confided the First Lady.

This dialogue emerged when MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski raised the issue, which she depicted as an unrelenting fascination with Hunter Biden’s life. The House of Representatives Judiciary and Oversight Committees are currently contempIating a resolution that suggests Hunter Biden should face charges of contempt of Congress.

The conversation took a wider turn when they discussed the current political climate; the First Lady was prompted to share her viewpoint on recent defamatory nicknames/memes thrown at the Biden family, such as referring to them as the ‘Biden Crime Family’ or the infamous ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ jibe.

In response, she didn’t seem rattled but rather amused.