WATCH : FNC Host Humorously Calls for Restraining Order Against “The View” Panelists Amid Target “Pride” Controversy

Some stories involve so many odd aspects that they’re hard to beIieve, such as a recent spat involving Target’s woke Santa nutcrackers, Fox News host Jesse Watters joking about those nutcrackers, and the ladies on ABC’s “The View” going absolutely berserk over what he said about them.

As background, Target has decided to ignore whatever lesson it could have learned from outrage over aspects of its Pride Month apparel, such as Satanist-designed clothing, and released a number of pieces of woke Christmas decor that, predictabIy, infuriated conservative groups. The company’s decision to release such products comes despite its financial losses that some connect to conservative boycotts and outrage.

FNC’s Jesse Watter responded by mocking the woke items, both on FNC and on X. Posting a clip of himself on X, Watters captioned it by mocking the items, saying, “We’re witnessing the Dylanization of corporate America. Companies are committing financial su*cide- one after the other. Target hired Gay Cruella to run their merchandising strategy and now they’re selling gay nutcrackers and disabled Santa’s. And if you want one, you can just steal it, because they won’t stop you.”

Joy Behar of “The View” then got particularly angry about Watters’ remarks, yelling, on the show, “You know I realize it’s a compIex idea to get your mind around, Mr. Watters, but does Fox News understand that not every human being is heterosexual and caucasian? I don’t think they see that!”

Continuing, Behar then held up the nutcracker at issue. and yelled, “This is the culprit right here! This is the offensive rainbow flag.” Behar, sticking her finger in the nutcracker’s mouth, said “You put your nut in there.” She added, “He could put his nut in there and squeeze it.”

Responding, Ana Navarro joked, “That orifice may be a little too big.” Behar laughed and Navarro added, “I’ve seen Hillbilly Santa, I’ve seen Santa in Hawaiian shirts, nobody takes issue with that, they take issue with the Black one, they take issue with the gay one. I don’t know when Republicans are going to wake up to the idea that manufactured culture wars against transgender, against LGBTQ, against books, against history, against Mickey Mouse, are not going to win anything for them.”

Behar, later on the same episode, added, “First of all, it’s just a doll, we’ve seen it many times, the only thing that’s supposedly gay is this flag. So Jesse Watters, you have a very dirty mind. ‘Cause you’re thinking it’s about sex: it’s just about Pride.”

Well, Jesse Watter responded to their nonsense with humor. Joking about the matter and the idea of filing a restraining order or red flag law request over Behar’s comments, Watters said, “And under New York’s red flag law, we’ve asked the police to confiscate all of Joy’s nutcrackers for my safety, and the safety of all men everywhere.”

Watch Watters here: