Walmart Unveils Store Closure Plans for 2024

In a recent development, retail giant Walmart has disclosed plans to close two stores in California and one in Maryland, bringing the total number of confirmed closures for the year to six. This decision follows previous announcements regarding the opening or commencement of construction on 14 new locations throughout the year. The closures come in the wake of underperformance concerns, with earlier closures reported in Ohio and the San Diego metropolitan area.

“We appreciate the patronage of our customers at our San Diego and El Cajon stores,” stated Walmart spokesperson Brian Little. “We are committed to continuing to serve them at our various locations in the area, online through, and via convenient delivery services to homes or businesses.” Affected employees are being offered the opportunity to transfer to other Walmart locations, with assurance from the company that over a dozen stores and warehouse clubs will continue operations in each respective market.

As of October of the previous year, Walmart boasted an extensive network of over 4,600 retail locations in the United States. This included 3,548 supercenters, 356 discount stores, and roughly 700 neighborhood markets and smaller format stores. Additionally, the company operates around 600 Sam’s Club warehouses. In January, Walmart unveiled ambitious plans to renovate or construct over 150 stores within the next five years, with renovations slated for 650 locations in the current year alone.