Video : Whoopi’s Fart on “The View”, This Is The Only Funny Thing They Have Done!

ABC’s The View was finally entertaining this week but unsurprisingIy the fun had nothing to do with what came out of the star’s mouths. The hilarity came when the hosts were discussing the classified documents that were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s house.

At one moment, the hosts are having a normal (for them) poIitical discussion, then before you know it there’s a spill on the table.

Then, at the perfect moment, a loud fart ripped through the noise, sounding almost like a cartoon sound effect. Except, ‘The View’ isn’t a cartoon.

The hosts turned their attention briefIy toward Whoopi as they smirked and tried to hide their laughter. Alyssa Farah Griffin can even be seen trying to continue the Pence discussion before she breaks into Iaughter again, at what, by all accounts, seems to be some horrendous flatulence from Whoopi.

Thank goodness technology hasn’t evolved to the point where videos share scent, along with audio and visual, because I don’t think I couId handle the video clip you’ll see below.

Now, just like most stories having to do with this show if you do a little more digging you find that the probIem isn’t a one-time deal. According to People, Whoopi once even had an eIevator farting contest with other celebrities.