UAW President Drops Trump Stunner During Live Interview : Most Of The Workers Will Be Voting TRUMP

Just days after United Auto Workers union President Shawn Fain said the organization was formally endorsing President Joe Biden’s reeIection, he dropped a bom bshell during a live Fox News interview about the preferred candidate for most members. He appeared to suggest it will be Donald Trump.

After Fain fielded some questions about the slumping sales of electric vehicles and how that couId affect the union labor force moving forward, host Neil Cavuto noted that in past decades, sizeable numbers of UAW members supported President Ronald Reagan and his successor, President George H. W. Bush, as well as other Republican presidents through the years.

Cavuto then went on to point out that many UAW members were supportive of Trump in 2016 and 2020 and remain supportive of him now before asking Fain how he feIt about that. Look, it’s democracy in action, the UAW boss began. “Let me be clear about this: A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yeah, some will, but that’s the reaIity of this. The majority of our members are gonna vote their paychecks. They’re gonna vote for an economy that works for them.