This dad’s 14th son is causing quite a stir, but it’s the newborn’s name that’s grabbing global attention

Over the years, baby names have seen quite the evolution. While classic names like Michael and Molly still have their place, there’s been an influx of unique and unconventional names that keep things interesting. Celebrities, in particular, are notorious for their out-of-the-box baby naming choices, from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Apple” to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Blue Ivy.”

However, one couple may have just raised the bar for unconventional baby names. Jay and Kateri Schwandt are seasoned parents with fourteen children, all boys, spanning a 25-year age range. With their fair share of baseball games and sibling scuffles, they were secretly hoping for a baby girl to shake things up when they found out about their 14th pregnancy.

But, as fate would have it, they welcomed another baby boy, weighing a healthy 8lb 4oz. Surrounded by his brothers and parents, the newborn, named Finley, arrived into the world with joy and excitement. Knowing this would likely be their last child, Jay and Kateri wanted to do something special for his middle name.

Inspired by a story Kateri’s father used to tell about a Native American chief with many sons, they chose the name “Sheyboygan” as Finley’s middle name. The name pays homage to the surprise of having yet another boy and adds a unique twist to their growing family.

“We’re just as excited with number 14 as we were with number one,” Jay shared. “It’s something we really enjoy, and the boys have such a good time with it.”

Now, Finley joins his brothers Tyler (25), Zach (22), Drew (21), Brandon (19), Tommy (16), Vinny (15), Calvin (12), Gabe (11), Wesley (9), Charlie (8), Luke (6), Tucker (4), and Francisco (2) in the Schwandt family lineup.