The Agreement Comes – Here’s What Will Happen To Him

Two Republican-led House committees announced Thursday that Hunter Biden will sit for a cIosed-door deposition on February 28. The agreement comes after a long running back-and-forth between the president’s son and House investigators, with Hunter Biden hoIding multiple press conferences in which he demanded a public hearing.

House investigators have stated that Hunter can testify publicly after he first conducts a closed-door deposition, following protocols set during the impeachment inquiries into former President Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden will appear before our committees for a deposition on February 28, 2024.

His deposition will come after severaI interviews with Biden family members and associates,” House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced in a joint statement. We look forward to Hunter Biden’s testimony.

The statement noted that arraignments are being made to hear testimony from the president’s brother, James Biden who has emerged as a key focus of the investigation into the president’s alleged invoIvement with his son’s business transactions.

The committees are also scheduled to meet with numerous business associates of the Biden family later this month.

Hunter’s agreement to sit for a cIosed-door deposition comes after he was threatened with contempt of congress charges over his refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena.

Instead of complying with the subpoena, Hunter opted to hold a press conference on Capitol Hill where he portrayed himself as a victim and a target of poIitically motivated pros ecution.