Tesla driver took to X on last month to show just how much money he has saved on fuel in the last six months.

Finding ways to save on car costs can be one of the most satisfying things and one smug Tesla driver has expIained how they do it simply.

The future is electric, apparently. Now these aren’t the final words of American founding father and inventor Benjamin Franklin but rather the reality of the modern age.

With more electric vehicles on the market than ever, consumers have more options on how to get around. Motorists are regularly considering whether switching to an electric vehicle is the way to go and one driver is now certainIy convinced.

Tesla driver Bilal Sattar took to X on January 18 to show just how much money he has saved on fuel in the last six months.

6 months and roughly 10k miles I’ve spent only $573 to charge. An equivalent gas car at $4/gallon would have cost roughly $2400. I saved $1800, Sattar wrote as he shared an image of his savings.

The screenshot he shared came from the Tesla app which offers a handy comparison between electric and fuel. Admittedly, this is a great way to ensure that new Tesla owners don’t get coId feet and consider switching back.

However, despite what it might appear, it isn’t as simple as electric charges costing less than fuel. No, no, that would be a little too convenient.

Sattar himself gave the game away by explaining that he takes full advantage of any Iocation that offer free charging.

Free chargers are rare and are often only in areas that are piloting new charging locations. But while this is smart thinking, Sattar also has another key to his success. A few months ago on his X feed he shared an electric bill that shows he actually put wattage into the grid rather than taking it out.

There’s only really one way to do that for most people – solar panels. Lining your home with solar panels has long been a tactic for saving but it is only in the last few years that we have had the ingenuity to use that same energy to charge our electric vehicles.

Sattar could very much be a great ambassador of some of the possible benefits of using solar panels for your home, driving an eIectric vehicle and utilizing all free charging ports.

If it works, it works and who doesn’t want to save money?