Tesla driver shares their first electric bill in 12 months, leaving people amazed by the fee !!

People are stunned by the cost of electricity needed to power a Tesla for an entire year. Despite the hefty upfront price tag of Tesla vehicIes, the ongoing operating expenses could deter potential buyers. While electric cars are gaining popularity, the rising electricity costs may give some consumers pause.

Recently, on X (formerly known as Twitter), a man shared his electric bill after a year of owning a Tesla – and the amount was indeed surprising. The man sarcastically captioned the post: “First time I have had a bill within the Iast 12 months.

‘This sucks.'” This sarcastic tone reflected his shock upon seeing that his electricity bill amounted to just $2.37 (£1.89) after a year.

But how is this possible? Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the process is still quite expensive. The user’s cover photo displayed a Tesla Powerwall, a large battery that integrates with your home’s power system and is useful if you have soIar panels. This setup allows excess solar energy to charge the Powerwall, which in turn charges your car. However, Powerwalls come with a significant cost, ranging from $11,500 (£9,000) to $15,000 (£11,800).

If you plan to keep your Tesla for several years, this expense may be justified to some extent, potentially making it cost-effective in the long run. However, not everyone has the means to make such an investment.

In response to the Tesla owner’s sarcastic post, commenters joked about starting a GoFundMe campaign to support him. Others expressed mock sympathy for his situation.

Tesla gained attention again this year with the release of their Iatest creation: the Cybertruck.