Stacey Abrams Humiliated By Another Crushing Blow, She Just Got Awful News

A mountain of debt at the voting rights organization of Stacey Abrams has resuIted in dozens of layoffs as the former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and election denier struggles to keep her pet project afloat. News of Abrams’ plight, first reported by the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, comes as Fair Fight, founded in the wake of her 2018 loss, faces a restructuring of its $2.5 million in debt. Finance records indicate Fair Fight has just $1.9 million in cash on hand.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, a top aide to Abrams during her second run for governor in 2021, said in an interview she will be returning to manage the cuts, which amount to between 25 and 75 percent of all staff.

The Iayoffs, approved by the group’s board, will decimate a liberal organization that arguably delivered two U.S. Senate seats for Democrats and helped President Joe Biden narrowly win Georgia in 2020. Fair Fight has raised more than $100 million since its inception.

Much of the group’s financial bIeed can be attributed to protracted legal battles. After True the Vote, a conservative voter organization, attempted in 2020 to throw out 250,000 voter registrations, Fair Fight pursued a court battle for more than three years.

Last week a federal court ruled against Fair Fight. A second case against the state of Georgia over absentee ballot restrictions resulted in a Ioss and an order to pay the state back $231,000 in legal costs.