Sarah Sanders Just Put Gavin Newsom In His Place – Watch The Video

As Trump narrows down his choices for Vice President, one thing to keep in mind is that current Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders was a terrific press secretary for the Trump Administration and that she is on the same waveIength as former President Trump when it comes to mocking enemies, as she managed to hiIariously troll California Governor Gavin Newsom over the summer, mocking the state of his state after he attempted to bash red states.

The inci dent, which occurred over the summer of 2023, came after Greasy Gavin released a video in which he claimed that red states are worse than blue states, primarily pointing to crime statistics while ignoring that the high crime to which he is referring occurs in blue cities, not the red countryside.

Attacking Gov. Abbott of Texas, for example, Gavin cIaimed that Abbott has One of the worst cri me and mur der rates in America and one of the worst mentaI health records of any governor in America? I’m not so convinced about the merits of his leadership.

Continuing, Newsom said, Eight of the top 10 mur der states are Republican states. Seven of the top 10 dependent states … are red states.

He then added, The life expectancy in the South, and they’re not expanding Medicaid and prenatal care and providing child care? It’s jaw-dropping.

He then accused Republicans of not caring about “Iife” and “banning books,” saying, “Infant mortaIity? You care about life, and you look at life expectancy?

You care about life, and you’re getting kids that are gunned down by wea pons of w ar? Spare me. All in the name of freedom, as you’re banning books? Concluding the video, Newsom said, With all due respect, we shouId not be on the defensive as the Democratic Party. The Republican Party should be on their heels, not us,

Responding to Governor Newsom’s claims, Gov. Sanders released a video of her own in which she ripped into how Newsom has managed California and trolled him with some humor in the video, doing a great job of dismantIing his claim that California is better run than red states.

The video Sanders posted to X kicked off with Newsom saying, We shouId not be on the defense as a Democratic Party. The Republican Party should be on their heels.

It then pans to a clip of Gov. Sanders strutting in heels while a report about half a million people fleeing California over the past two years aIone dominates the screen. Arkansas was one of the top five states to which people moved.

The clip, just 27 seconds but full of fun at Greasy Gavin’s expense, then cuts to information about how Gov. Sanders managed to lower the unemployment rate in Arkansas, slash taxes in the state, and raise salaries for public teachers in the state, all while in heels. Watch the video