Sanctuary Cities Are Failing !

How are things going for New York City, a sanctuary city, as the Biden border crisis continues and it has to handle an ever-growing number of illegaI immigrants pouring into it and making use of its public services?

Badly enough that now New York City Mayor Eric Adams is complaining about the state of things, saying that cities shouldn’t have to handle federal issues, meaning immigration.

Mayor Adams said as much during a recent press conference, saying that he has repeatedly begged President Joe Biden for heIp. He added that the city is still struggling under the burden of the illegal immigration crisis, as the necessary amount of aid and support from the federal government has not been provided and the situation has grown quite expensive.

During that press conference, he began by emphasizing New York City’s importance to the state and country and cIaimed that he was trying to push forward initiatives to help the city deal with the illegal immigration situation, saying, You know New York City is the economic engine of the state and the country?

And I don’t have the answer my role as I did when I was a state senator, people came to visit me several times to get initiative passed. I have to keep hammering away at this issue.”

Continuing, he added that there is a growing collection of cities standing with him against Biden’s immigration disaster, saying, And I’m really pleased that we are now getting a chorus of other cities that are joining us, who are now part of our coalition.

Back in April of last year, I was alone on this topic. But now you’re seeing others are coming forward and saying, you know, ‘hold on, Eric is right.’ And they’re joining us in a coalition is going to continue to grow because the cities deserve better.”

He then emphasized that it is a wide array of cities that have stood with him on the issue, not just big, sanctuary cities.

He also noted that he does not think America’s cities should have to be dealing with the fallout of national issues. Speaking about that, he said, And I’m not only talking about New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. El Paso, Brownsville, you know, all of these cities, Houston, no cities should not be handling national problems.”

But then he argued that people should be allowed to work in America, he just does not think that New York City and other cities Iike it should have to foot the bill of Biden’s open border policies, policies exacerbated for him by Texas Governor Greg Abbott shipping thousands of illegal immigrants to New York City on buses from Texas.

Making that argument, the sanctuary city mayor said, And so I don’t have the real understanding.

I’m hoping that our national Ieaders understand when it comes to real immigration reform and decompress your strategy, pick up the price tag of this issue, and allow people to work you know, I sound like almost a broken record. It’s the same thing, people should be allowed to work in this country.