Roseanne Barr Celebrates 70: Healthier, Expands Family, and Thriving with Longtime Partner of Two Decades

Roseanne Barr Celebrates 70: Healthier, Expands Family, and Thriving with Longtime Partner of Two Decades

Roseanne Barr, a well-known comedian and actress, recently celebrated her 70th birthday. While she has a rich history in the entertainment industry, some of her past remarks have had severe consequences.

Barr gained fame for her leading role in the hit comedy “Roseanne,” but a racist tweet and inappropriate comments about Valerie Jarrett and former President Barack Obama cost her dearly. Despite being open about her support for former President Donald Trump, she attributed her offensive behavior to emotional turmoil and health issues.

The comedian tried to pass off her remarks as a joke, but the public reaction was severe. She hid away for weeks in response to the backlash. Jarrett, on the other hand, responded with a dismissive attitude, and others even called for a boycott of Barr’s stand-up routine.

Acknowledging the hurt she caused, Barr issued an apology and decided to step away from Twitter. The aftermath of the controversy had a significant impact on her life and career.

In the wake of her show’s cancellation, Roseanne Barr experienced profound changes. She met her future partner, writer and producer John Argent, after going through three failed marriages.

Their connection began with a year of phone conversations, during which Barr was enamored with Argent’s voice. She famously quipped that as long as he had teeth, his appearance didn’t matter. However, when they finally met in person, she found him to be one of the most attractive men she had ever seen.

The couple is content with their current relationship status and has no plans for marriage. They share a love for reading and enjoy sharing films on Barr’s YouTube channel.

Barr and Argent decided to settle in Hawaii, where they purchased a home with a macadamia nut plantation on 46 acres of land. Barr’s social media posts show their Hawaiian residence as a true paradise, with stunning sunsets, lush greenery, and a flourishing flower garden.

Roseanne Barr took great care in transforming her house to reflect her taste. The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home welcomes guests with green plants and a cozy seat on the front porch.

Her kitchen features stainless steel appliances and oak cabinetry, spacious enough for a bed. A bohemian-style living area with hardwood furnishings and a neutral floral-patterned carpet adds to the cozy atmosphere.

Barr’s journey to transform her figure has been a significant endeavor. In the 1990s, she reached 350 pounds, leading her to undergo gastric bypass surgery, which resulted in an 80-pound weight loss. Although she faced the issue of excess skin, she dealt with it through a stomach tuck.

While the road was challenging, Barr didn’t punish herself for any weight fluctuations. She diligently worked on increasing her activity levels and adopting a healthier diet, transforming her life for the better.

Becoming a grandmother had the most profound impact on Roseanne Barr’s life. With six grandchildren, she feels a sense of responsibility to teach her children how to be good parents, making her a more involved and caring grandmother.

With a new partner, a renewed focus on health, and the joys of being a grandmother, Roseanne Barr embraces this new chapter in her life.