Recently, Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, gave her unfiltered opinion of her former colleagues on “The View”

Recently, Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, gave her unfiltered opinion of her former colleagues on “The View” during an appearance on Michael Malice’s podcast “Your Welcome.” McCain, who left the show in 2021, accused the paneI of relentlessly bullying and abusing her.

“The thing about The View is that I didn’t know when I signed my contract with ABC that this is forever, that, for the rest of my Iife, I’m going to be bullied, yelled at, abused, and brought up for years,” McCain said. “I haven’t been on that show in years. I’m just trying to live my life.

McCain further illustrated the toxic environment the show created, claiming she would constantly be yelled at by “crazy old people.” Despite leaving the show a couple of years ago, she explained the drama has yet to cease.

I just didn’t know that when I signed to do this show that I have to deal with these crazy old people just yelling about me all of the time,” she added. “I go whole swaths of time without thinking about them, whole months without thinking about the show or anything. Apparently, I’m just on their minds every day. And it’s pathetic.

McCain also called out a dig allegedly aimed at her by co-host Ana Navarro, insinuating she had profited off her family name. She took to social media, slamming her former colleagues for continuing to slander her on a consistent basis.

“It has been years – move on, I have. I have never been accused of a cr ime in my life and am a patriotic American – I would never and have never ‘influenced peddled’ in my life, let alone with foreign adversaries,” she said. “Not all politicians children are the same – and I am no Hunter Biden. All accusations are absurd, defamatory and slanderous. I will be consulting my lawyers regarding what was libeled against me on The View this morning.”

McCain also explained her doubts regarding the intelligence of the ladies on The View. She further gave insight into the show’s operations, illustrating how “disorganized” and “chaotic” it is. Confirming the opinions of conservative critics of the show, McCain claimed the topic selection is incredibly biased toward favoring Democrats.

I honestly don’t think that, just from working there, that they’re that smart. It’s a very disorganized place backstage. It’s very chaotic, I think that’s giving people that work there a lot of credit that they shouldn’t have. It’s kind of a rigged show,” McCain told Malice.

At night, all the hosts are given Hot Topics to choose from, you’re sent news articles you want to talk about the next day.

Whatever the majority chooses is the topic of the show. Anything that makes Democrats look bad is never chosen. I had to go in every morning being like, ‘Hey, whatever news story that makes Biden look bad is the number one news story of the day,’ and there would be a fight over whether or not it should even be aired because the hosts didn’t agree on it. That was always a battle every day.