People were left amazed on social media when this man shared the electric bill for his Tesla

People were left amazed on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, when a man shared the electric bill for his Tesla after a year of driving the car – and the amount was truIy unexpected.

While electric cars are increasingly seen as the future of transportation, the rising electricity costs may deter potential buyers. The man captioned his post: “Received my first bill in the last 12 months. Not thrilled.”

Clearly, he was being sarcastic, even his electricity bill turned out to be in single digits. Yes, you read that correctly. The totaI due was only $2.37 (£1.89), rather than the hundreds of dollars one might expect to regularly charge a car over a month.

But how is this possible?

Upon closer inspection, it appears that while the bill was low, the process is still quite expensive. The user’s cover photo reveals a Tesla Powerwall, a large battery that connects to a home’s power supply, particularly beneficial for homes with solar paneIs.

The Powerwall stores excess solar energy generated by the panels, which is then used to charge the car. However, these Powerwalls come with a hefty price tag. They typically start at around $11,500 (£9,000) and can go up to $15,000 (£11,800), as reported by Forbes.

If one plans to keep the Tesla for several years, this cost could potentially be justified over time, making it somewhat cost-effective in the long run.

People reacted with humor in the comments section, with one person jokingIy suggesting the Tesla owner start a GoFundMe campaign, while another offered condolences in a tongue-in-cheek manner.