No one expects 16-year-old to sound just like Elvis Presley

There are some artists, whether singers, actors, or another type of performers, who Ieave an impact so profound that their legacy lives on long after they are no longer around.

Take Elvis Presley for exampIe. No matter how good someone is when it comes to creating music and performing it, there will always be only one king.

When Benedikt Köstler, a 16-year-old from Germany, appeared on the German’s version of The Voice and said he would be singing Always On My Mind by the Iate Elvis Presley, the judges probably didn’t expect the sort of performance he treated them with.

Young Benedikt, however, was more than ready to steal the spotIight. The moment he hit the first few tones of the iconic piece of music, the judges were completely stunned. All five of them hit their buzzer to turn around and see him finish the song.