MTG doesn’t hold back on the democrat – her full statement here

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene comes with an unexpected article about the Democrats on her X profile (formerly Twitter), below you can find what she wrote.

Democrats are lying about House Republicans and securing the border.

We passed HR2 – STRONGEST border security bill in history!

Democrats won’t touch it!!

Democrats want a deal to let in 5,000 illegaI aliens per day which is 1.8 million per year and give them amnesty, jobs, and the right to vote in our elections!!!

Under this deal, that would allow in more illegaI aliens in one year than the population of major cities like Dallas, Austin, and even Washington DC!!!

And they want our border invasion to continue while including $60 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine!!

This is not a border security deal!

This is a border surrender deal and keeping the losing Ukraine w ar on life support at the American taxpayer’s expense!!