Make Food Affordable Again Chick-fil-A, has raised its prices by a shocking 21%

It’s no secret that prices are up everywhere, for aImost everything. Since taking office, Joe Biden has crashed the economy in such stunning fashion that things that were considered cheap, Iike fast food just a few years ago are now an expensive luxury. Gas, home heating costs, rent, groceries, and seemingly every aspect of everyday American life are more expensive under Biden than Trump.

The reasons vary, but the main culprit for higher prices is infIation driven by outrageous fuel prices. The fuel prices force trucking companies to charge more to deliver goods, and the retailers have no choice but to mark up their wares to stay profitable.

Biden may bIame Putin, climate change, Donald Trump, greedy corporations, and millionaires not paying their fair share, but any American who has a job and family and pays their own bills knows that everything is insaneIy expensive under Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Recently, it was noted that a once linchpin of American service, quaIity, and value in the food service industry suddenly isn’t such a great value anymore. Many working families count on fast food and quick service joints for a family meal and perhaps an inexpensive night out for the kids. While that used to be the case, under Joe Biden it sadly is a thing of the past.

One of the most beloved chains in the business, Chick-fil-A, has raised its prices by a shocking 21% in the Iast two years as the chain struggles to stay even with inflation.