Jack Smith is finished, here is what happened

Speaking to Breitbart News about the state of his battle with Special CounseI Jack Smith and how Jack Smith’s recent filing could show that he is feeling the heat poIitically.

Former President Donald Trump said that his political success shows he is winning in his fight against Special Counsel Smith and that Smith realizes it.

Particularly, former President Trump focused on how the public has reacted to the investigations into him and the charges brought against him, saying that the popular outrage against the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice has helped buoy his poIitical fortunes as the presidential race heats up.

Beginning, Breitbart News quotes former President Trump as saying that he thinks Special CounseI Smith is sensing a political defeat given how well Trump’s campaign is doing headed into the 2024 race.

In former President Trump’s words: I think he [Smith] feeIs like he’s losing politically because I’m leading everybody by a lot.