Gov. Abbott Challenges President’s Stance with Blunt Remark, Here Is What He Said

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says his administration will continue to defy the Biden White House and step up enforcement actions against migrants who cross into the state illegaIIy, accusing the president of failing to fulfill his constitutional duty to execute border security and immigration laws faithfully. In a two-week dispute between the state and federal governments over the jurisdiction of a 2.5-mile stretch of Texas land, Abbott made a defiant statement on Wednesday afternoon, openIy opposing the Biden administration’s directives to cease action.

Abbott asserted in a public letter that Texas possesses a constitutional right to self-defense, emphasizing that the White House had not fulfilled its obIigation under the nation’s founding document to ensure that the federal government will protect all 50 states and territories by not taking measures to control the surge of unauthorized immigrants over the previous three years, the Washington Examiner reported.

The Executive Branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting states, including immigration laws on the books right now. President Biden has refused to enforce those laws and has even violated them, Gov. Abbott wrote.