Famous Celeb Comes Forward With The ‘Ugly Truth’ About Oprah Winfrey

Actress Rose McGowan is known for her unfiltered and outspoken nature and recently made headlines for openly criticizing media moguI Oprah Winfrey on Twitter. Actress Rose McGowan doesn’t mince words.

The Hollywood actress recently took to Twitter to criticize media mogul Oprah Winfrey in a message that has since gone viral, receiving thousands of shares and comments from supporters of both McGowan and Winfrey.

McGowan exposed Oprah Winfrey on sociaI media for her previous association with infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whom McGowan accused of grotesquely s xually assauIting her.

Especially among those who previously heId Oprah in high esteem, the post in question sparked heated controversy on social media. If what McGowan claims is true, then her narrative, which seemed to take a while to come, exposed Oprah in a way most Americans had never seen before.

Little was left to the imagination in the articIe that revealed McGowan’s true feelings about Oprah and what she decided to do with the influence she had amassed over the years.

McGowan wrote: I’m glad she’s witnessing more and more of Oprah’s horrible truth. She’s not reaI, but I wish she was. She’s about supporting a corrupt power structure for her own benefit, from befriending Weinstein to abandoning and destroying Russell. Simmon’s vict ims. She is completely fake