Elon Musk Considering Presidential Run

Elon Musk Considering Presidential Run

Multi-billionaire, Twitter owner, and tech genius Elon Musk is restless. He’s done nearly everything else he can think of to boost himself into the American dream’s bosom. What next?

With two years to go until a massive national election? What indeed.

With electoral experts like Joe Barron and Clete Torres on the ground asking questions, going door-to-door, bribing Republican lawmakers, it seems like an exploratory committee is already out.

A lot of people send out feelers. But Elon has already mentioned taking the highest office in the land more than once, and very many agree that this could be the time.

We arranged a very quick interview with the Twitter committer just this week. Sandy Batt reports.

“Mr. Musk, do you think it’s a possibility that you would run for office?”

“I’ve been considering it, you know? I mean, completely ruining a social media site is probably a lot different from completely ruining a whole country. I mean, it’s a lot bigger.

I might give it a try, who knows? You know What, I’ll go ahead and commit. Yes, I’m running. I can always weasel out later.”

There it is, you heard it here first. President Elon Musk. America may be about to enter it’s absolute dumbest era yet.