Elon Musk and AOC Engage in Yet Another Hilarious Exchange, Sparking Controversy: “Just Not That Smart

The feud ignited on Musk’s X platform, where AOC aimed a jab at Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, poking fun at what she termed “boy math” – referring to the Speaker’s need for muItiple attempts to count votes correctly during his bid for Speaker, followed by a government shutdown months later.

In response, the Babylon Bee’s Ashley St. Clair challenged AOC’s comparison, highlighting the financiaI strain caused by undocumented migrants and their accommodation costs in NYC. Musk, a fan of the Babylon Bee, amplified St. Clair’s tweet, adding his own jest about AOC’s intelligence.

St. Clair defended her position, emphasizing AOC’s awareness of her actions, which, in her view, makes her culpability even more significant. This exchange led to AOC’s retort, listing her accompIishments and challenging Musk’s assertion.

Musk, in a subsequent comment, praised AOC’s achievements but suggested an alternative focus for FEMA funding. The conversation veered to AOC’s comments about immigration, prompting a historicaI perspective on Ellis Island immigration and its differences from present-day migration.

Despite the differing viewpoints, the exchange between Musk and AOC underscores the ongoing discourse surrounding immigration policies and government funding priorities.

WATCH AOC’s video here: