Doctor Oz Files a $400 Million Suit Against Oprah for Professional Defamation

Dr. Mehmet Oz lost a nailbiter of an election to Senator-Elect John Fetterman. The doctor says he had the results analyzed, and the deciding factor wasn’t that he lived in New Jersey — it was that Oprah endorsed his opponent. The problem with that is, that puts her in violation of a federal contract law the pair still share as former colleagues.

Oz is suing Oprah for $400 million as a result of her breach of trust and professional defamation. Federal Magistrate Joseph Barron of the 131st District Court of Writs and Warrants signed the affidavit allowing the case to continue, which will now be filed in the Eastern United States District 14 Civil Court. Oz waived his right to a jury and will instead have the case decided by a Trump-appointed federal Judge, the Honorable Arthur Tubolls.

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