Court Delivers GREAT News For Him – Read It Here

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Monday deIivered a stunning blow to Anti-Trump forces seeking to keep the former president off the Commonwealth’s March 5th primary ballot.

Writing for the majority, Associate Justice Frank Gaziano did not directly address the argument that former President Donald Trump is ineligibIe to run again under the 14th Amendment, saying instead that such a ruling would be “ripe” only if Trump becomes his party’s nominee.

The petitioners objections have, in essence, come too soon, Gaziano wrote. The case, brought by high-profile Democratic attorney activist Shannon Liss-Reardon, came late in the process among at Ieast 35 states where Trump’s eligibility was challenged.

Most petitioners have argued that the Republican frontrunner committed insurrection relating to the January 6th, 2021 breach at the Capitol and is therefore unfit for office. The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that individuaIs guilty of insurrection may not run for federal office, a measure put in place following the Civil W ar to ensure that Confederate sympathizers did not gain a foothold in the Union following Reconstruction.