All you need to know about Nikki Haley…Here Is The Truth About Her

Integrity is one of the aspects American voters seek in their preferred candidate, unfortunateIy, Nikki Haley or Nimarata Randhawa seems to lack this.

In a campaign rally at Newton, Iowa, former President Donald Trump bIasted Haley for being a RINO. Trump said, People who fund Nikki Haley and Ron [DeSantis] aren’t working for your interests. They are working for the interests of other nations and themseIves, and so are those two.

The GOP leading candidate also believes that Haley would grant amnesty to Biden’s illegaI aliens in her very first week. And, sadly, the establishment losers and sell-outs lagging far behind us in the Republican primary cannot be trusted on taxes, trade, or anything else.

Like they betrayed me, they’re gonna betray you.

In April 2021, Haley turned down rumors that she would run for the Republican primaries and pledged to back Trump, if she wouId support a second bid by Trump.