7 quick tips to keep mosquitoes out of your home

Mosquitoes, what a nuisance! Every year these little beasts make our lives difficult. Stinging, buzzing, etc. They invade us and load themselves with their share of worries. Fortunately, their presence is not inevitable. It is possible to keep them out of the house without the use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Are you looking for natural and safe mosquito repellents? We have the solution. Gone are the nights spent battling their annoying noises and soothing the itch they leave behind as memories. When these critters point their noses, be armed to keep them away from your insides. Without resorting to industrial and chemical-based insecticides, it is possible to repel insects naturally without polluting the air you breathe. In this article, discover our selection of the best natural insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away.

To keep insects away, start from the outside
To keep mosquitoes and other pests away, your first instinct should be to eliminate them outside your home. Pay attention to standing water such as small ponds or open pools that need to be drained frequently. If you have pools of water in your yard, place a goldfish or two there. These feed on mosquito larvae and can thus slow down their reproduction. Another reflex? Place mosquito-repellent plants in your garden. And for good reason, some plants allow you to effectively keep them away. Simply plant them on windowsills, around your patio or in your garden. It’s about knowing how to place them in the right place.

Which plants against mosquitoes?
As you’ve probably understood, to effectively get rid of these pests, it’s important to start from the outside. Some plants are very effective for this. Bonus: They also allow you to beautify your surface.

1. Lemongrass
Lemongrass is a very effective repellent in the fight against mosquitoes. The reason ? This plant gives off a smell that drives away these insects. And the good news: Lemongrass is easy to grow in your garden or on your balcony.

2. Basil
Less known than lemongrass, basil is no less effective. This plant is a natural, accessible and economical mosquito repellent solution. You can grow them in pots that you place on the balcony or around your patio or plants in your garden. Another advantage? This plant is a skin repellent and a natural antiseptic that helps relieve itching from cuts. Simply take a few leaves and rub them on the area.

3. Geranium
Geranium not only brings color to our gardens, but is also an effective mosquito repellent. To get rid of insects from your home, plant them in your garden. The smell of this plant is very similar to lemongrass and also helps scare away mosquitoes and other pests. You can also grow the geranium in pots and place it on the edge of the balcony or terrace for cozy evenings outdoors without the risk of being bitten.

4. Lavender
With its scent of Provence, lavender not only exudes a pleasant smell, but is also an incomparable natural repellent. We love its smell, but mosquitoes hate it! In case of a mosquito bite, you can use lavender leaves as a topical treatment to relieve the itching.

5. Mint
Mint is a plant with many uses and benefits and is one of the most effective mosquito repellents. Planted in a pot, it will greatly repel these pests from your garden. In addition, mint also has a soothing effect on insect bites. Simply crush two or three mint leaves until you get a sort of paste, then apply topically to relieve the itching.

6. Lemon balm
Lemon balm is known to combat stress and anxiety and is also a 100% natural mosquito repellent. To repel mosquitoes, grow this plant in pots placed in your garden or on windowsills. The lemony smell of these plants keeps these pests away.

A coffee grounds trick to repel mosquitoes
Like the smell of lemongrass, the scent of coffee grounds repels mosquitoes and other insects, especially the tiger mosquito. In order to keep these pests away as much as possible, the latter no longer has to end up in the trash. Collect the coffee grounds from your coffee maker, let them dry in the sun for a day, and then distribute them in a container to place on windowsills and mosquito-infested areas.

6 more natural tips to fight mosquitoes in the house
1. Natural mosquito repellent candles
Citronella is at the top for highly effective mosquito protection