25 Migrants Land On Beach Near Home Of Woke Barbara Streisand

Hollywood icon Barbara Streisand’s mansion has been a hot topic throughout her career, and once again, the $100 million Malibu estate is the subject of the news. According to muItipIe sources, a boatload of roughly two dozen immigrants reached American shores and unloaded on the beach directly below the begrudged singer’s mansion.

As a recap of why Streisand has been in the news so much recently, here is what she had to say about the possibility of a Trump win in 2024 and what it may mean for her status as a resident, Rob Mattox of The American Tribune quoted her as saying the following: I will move. I can’t live in this country if he became president.

Streisand is now taking a ton of flak over comments that she made disparaging Donald Trump’s border wall as she now has to deal with an influx of migrants herself. Her hate of Donald Trump’s idea to stop iIIegal immigrants from entering the United States was so great that she even made an album titled “Walls” to share her disgust with his idea.

X user Cathy Young wrote, “How ironic that Trump hater Barbara Streisand, who wrote album titled “Walls” inspired by her hate for Trump & his immigration stance, had a boatload of over 2 dozen iIIegal immigrants storm her beachfront property. Btw. They are still on the loose…”

According to footage that was obtained by Fox News, the boatload of migrants landed in the middle of the day on Tuesday, less than half a mile away from the enormous home of Barbara Streisand. Given her gung-ho stance on immigration in America, many have been waiting for a statement regarding the landing but she has not yet capitulated.

All the way back in 2019, Streisand had this to say in a Tweet directed at President Donald Trump regarding his plans to build a massive border wall along the southern end of the United States to defend against iIIegal on-foot border crossings. “Trump only cares about this “wall” in order to build a monument to himself. Just like the bankrupt Trump” buildings, the nation cannot afford to pay for his ego – not financially, not morally.

Fox11 noted that panga boats, like the type used in this landing near Streisand’s estate, are often used by smu gglers and human tra ffickers. Border Patrol found the sunken boat just barely offshore on Wednesday morning but found no people or signs of where the group may have gone after landing. Life vests and gas cans were all that remained. With the group on the loose, plenty have been waiting to hear Bab’s take on the matter.

Streisand also made a public statement on X about Trump just a couple weeks ago, claiming that he would destroy Democracy if elected. She wrote, “Donald Trump was found by a federal judge to have orchestrated an insurrection. He watched as the chaos and vioIence ensued and did nothing to stop it. He still lies about the election results and if he gets re-elected he will destroy our democracy.